IHG ® Rewards Club

We can’t wait to see where your rewards will take you

As a member of InterContinental Hotels Group’s (IHG) award-winning loyalty program, your travels bring you so much more in return. We’re beyond excited to make sure you get the most from your points as you discover all the innovative ways you can redeem them. We hope to see you in person soon at the IHG family of brands in 4,600 hotels around the world, where the rewards are always there for the taking. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

The benefits of traveling together

Earning points is effortless. Redeeming points is simple. Use them on anything from flights to merchandise, gift cards, digital downloads and hotel Reward Nights, which even count toward taking you from Club level to Gold Elite membership. We can’t wait for you to start enjoying all the rest of the benefits like:

Rewarding Forever Your IHG® Rewards Club points never expire and are easy to use whenever you like.

Free Internet Worldwide In 2014, all IHG® Rewards Club members will be able to stay connected at no charge.

Fast Track to Elite Quickly advance your membership level by staying for a total of at least 10 nights at 3 different IHG hotel brands.

Stay Any Time There are no blackout dates for Reward Nights.
Extended Check-Out Relax a little longer—up until 2 p.m. based on availability.

And since we know convenience is key, you can use your points to book and stay virtually anywhere, even at competitors’ hotels.

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