What Drives Me


What Drives Me

My motivation comes from having a healthy and happy family and becoming better every day

My family have been involved in Motorsport for three generations and with my Son Seb now racing the fourth generation is well on the way to carrying on the Priaulx name on track.

My motivation comes from having a healthy and happy family and becoming better every day.

From an early age I have learnt the importance of being a good person and making sure that whatever I do has a positive effect on those around me, if you read my autobiography you will get a great insight into the challenges I have overcome and the pleasure I have had both in motorsport and my home life.

My wife Jo is my rock, she has supported everything I have done and she is my angel trackside from the early days out with a stopwatch to being at every race and ensuring the family are looked after when I am in the car.

Both my children were premature that is why we set up the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation which gives me great motivation knowing that our efforts are helping families in a similar situation to ourselves overcome the difficulties of a problematic birth.

People in general motivate me, especially those who have overcome great challenges to make their and the lives of those around them better, some of my greatest inspiration comes from the likes of, Mohammed Ali, Lance Armstrong, Gandhi and Alex Zanardi, there are many others who have kept me going through the years and will continue to do so.

I am a keen advocate of the workings of the mind and meditation is a large part of my preparation, not just for racing but just as part of everyday life, it is amazing the power of a positive outlook and making sure I draw strength from others as well as helping them along the way.

The buzz of the race and having my family around me is fantastic, during the build up though I also relish in a period of solitude to help me focused and keep my mind channeled on the goal ahead.

If we are to succeed in this sport we must manage peoples expectations and being determined and true to my beliefs helps me do this, never give up and make sure that your results end up being better than anyone thought.

My drive, focus and motivation comes from a huge support mechanism in my friends, family and team, I know from past experience with this, great things can happen.

(Photo of Andy courtesy of Dave Suavarin)

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