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  • Ann Bradshaw

Andy Priaulx Hangs Up His World Touring Car Gloves

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Triple World Touring Car Champion, Andy Priaulx, has taken the decision to bow out of the championship as his racing career takes a new direction.

Earlier this year it was announced that Andy had taken on a new role with Multimatic, that will see the Guernsey driver develop new cars,  to work as an ambassador for the company and also continue to compete on occasion.

Several factors have played their parts in Andy’s decision. His new role with Multimatic and, of course, his desire to support his son Seb in his racing career, the way Andy’s father did for him.  The travel and quarantine restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have also restricted Andy’s ability to jet in and out of the island as he has done previously.

“This is a new and exciting move for me, but I do admit I will miss a little bit the thrill of the weekly racing battles. However, I have projects with Multimatic that will need a lot of my attention and I would not be able to give them that if I was still racing full-time. I am also a proud racing father and want to give Seb the support I was lucky enough to have from my own father. However, I have promised the Multimatic guys that I will not be what they call in Canada a ‘hockey dad’!”

Andy was racing in the FIA World Touring Car Cup for Lynk & Co Cyan Racing and had to take the difficult decisions not to continue with the team.“I had a great season with them and can’t thank the team enough for this opportunity. It was a tough call not to take up their offer to continue, but as things have changed so much and with Seb’s career taking off I had to take look at the bigger picture and not at just being a racing driver.

“I am proud of being part of the first Chinese team to win a world championship and my victory in Macau last year, my spiritual racing home, will stay in my memory for ever. I wish them all the best and will be cheering on all my friends in the team and hope they can repeat their success.”

The new direction for the triple world champion means he will be looking to develop roles both inside and outside the car. “I am particularly excited about being involved in all aspects of the planning of projects, and feel my many years of experience behind the wheel will play an important role in what I am doing outside the car.  Although, having said that, don’t be surprised if I don my helmet and overalls for the odd guest appearance,”he added.


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