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DWarrickHe not only put the car on pole but also won the race

A young sportsman needs trust. A person who puts faith in him. Someone who opens doors, paves the way. In the career of Andy Priaulx this man was Derek Warwick. In the past, he competed in Formula 1, now he is the President of the British Racing Drivers‘ Club. And still an ardent fan of the BMW driver. “When it comes to motor racing memorabilia I suspect you would expect as an ex-Formula 1 driver I would have something from my own career in pride of place on my desk.

However, that is not the case as I proudly admit this prime position is reserved for the helmet Andy Priaulx wore when he won his first FIA World Touring Car Championship. I suppose this is even more surprising when you understand that Andy lives on Guernsey and I on Jersey, and the rivalry between inhabitants of our two Channel Islands is quite ferocious.

Nowadays I am the president of the British Racing Drivers’ Club. It was through this connection that the young Andy first came to my attention. The club had money to help young British drivers and Andy was in dire need, as he needed cash to help him get on the next rung of his career ladder after he had left his island home and was living in a caravan at the Silverstone circuit. I put pressure on the BRDC to give him the financial help he needed. I am happy to say I was then again able to give him some help as I had the Triple Eight team and we were running the works Vauxhalls in the British Touring Car Championship. We had a contractual problem with one of our drivers so we brought Andy in to take over. He not only put the car on pole, but also won the race.

He got himself a motor home so he could take Jo and the kids with him to all his races. I think that is pretty cool and meant he was able to see them growing up. I have a lot of respect and affection for my fellow driver. He has an amazing likeability, he is easy to talk to, good fun to be with and a tireless campaigner for charity. He has raised thousands for the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation, but also is always active in Guernsey for local charities. He appreciates all the help and support he gets from his beloved island of Guernsey, and makes sure he puts as much as he can back into the community.” Derek Warwick, President BRDC

Andy Priaulx has made a place for himself in the annals of motor sport

..by turning adversity to advantage, by never giving up, and always leaving time to smile. He is a multiple World Champion in one of the most fiercely contested race-car series anywhere on the planet. He also has shown that, contrary to what our base instincts constantly try to convince us, nice guys can, and do win. Damon Hill OBE

Sir Stirling MossRemarkable story of the sacrifice and determination

This book is an inspirational and refreshing look at our sport, the remarkable story of the sacrifice, determination, hard work and confidence that Andy put into turning himself from a talented driver into a World Champion. He is a great role model and a genuinely nice man. I wish him continued success.   Sir Stirling Moss OBE, F1 Champion

Murray Walkerrise from humble beginnings to superstar was far from easy

It has been my very great pleasure to know Andy Priaulx since his early days. His rise from humble beginnings to superstar was far from easy but he has become one of the greatest and most successful drivers in the dramatic history of Touring Car racing. I am privileged to call him a friend. Few drivers have had as much, and as varied, success as Andy and his book makes a great read which I strongly commend to you.Murray Walker OBE, Motorsport legend

BRDC Gold StarAndy Priaulx wins the BRDC Gold Star ahead of mark webber

Andy Priaulx has won the prestigious British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) Gold Star in 2010. The three-time World Touring Car Champion finished the BRDC points-scoring season a mere two points ahead of Red Bull Racing Formula 1 driver, Mark Webber. Coincidentally, Gordon Shedden beat Jason Plato to the BRDC Silver Star by the same points margin, highlighting how close the battle has been for two of the BRDC’s most distinguished awards in 2010.The BRDC

NigelManselI applaud Andy for qualities as well as great driving skills

Winning a championship is not easy but winning a world championship is even harder. I know from own experience when winning the formula 1 title it takes dedication and commitment and I applaud Andy for showing both qualities as well as great driving skills. Nigel Mansell CBE, F1 Champion

John Surtees OBEAndy is an outstanding sportsman and worthy world champion

“Andy Priaulx is an outstanding sportsman and a worthy world champion.”John Surtees OBE, F1 Champion

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